Atenea is a security and intelligence startup that aims to challenge the status-quo in a traditionally conservative field by offering a 360º solutions approach.

The challenge of designing such a website was the need to include a broad range of products and solutions while keeping the website user-friendly and simple to use.


We analyzed dozens of competitors’ websites to establish how they communicated their online identity, which practices were successful in transmitting a strong storytelling to their users and how they attracted new clients. We also interviewed potential customers and decision-makers to understand how they would search their needs and which keywordswere the most used.

Based on our data and analysis, we reached 3 main conclusions:

  1. A highly technical website is not only unnecessary, but also counterproductive to reach our audience and attract new clients.
  2. The branding name that we would use to communicate the broad range of solutions to the clients would be “360º”.
  3. Case studies are a major factor in attracting new clients.


We worked with Atenea’s team from the first stages of sketching to finalizing the website’s design to ensure that we preserved their vision and mission throughout the creative process.

The website and the storytelling was created in both English and Spanish to answer to Atenea’s clients, mainly based in Spanish speaking countries, as well as to be able to reach a broader international audience.