Red Minerva is a startup based in Barcelona (Spain) that is challenging the status-quo in the traditionally conservative field of security and intelligence courses by offering a user-oriented modern design and innovative training material.

As CMO and CTO of Red Minerva, my team and I had collected enough information during the first year of Red Minerva’s life to understand that our users needed a better website to interact with us and to access our products.


We personally interviewed dozens of customers to know how our website and product was fulfilling their needs and the roadblocks their were encountering.

Based on the analytics data we had and on our users answers, we decided to act on 3 fronts:

  1. Improve access to all products from the homepage.
  2. Provide better ways for our users to communicate with us.
  3. Improve the products’ pages.


  1. Redesigning the homepage to include a search tab that would allow our users to access our products without needing to scroll or search by category, significantly reducing bounce rate, specially within our new users’ group.
  2. Including a chat available 24/7 that virtually eliminated support wait time and increased conversion rates.
  3. Adding better information about product return conditions, safety features and payment options.
  4. Reducing the amount of redundant information from the homepage.
  5. Improving the storytelling to better connect with our audience.

Before fully implementing the changes, we performed an A/B test to compare our previous design with the improvements we had developed. The new website outperformed the old in all our metrics.


  1. 53% increase in conversion rate, while cost of modifications was close to 0.
  2. No waiting time in customer support. Potential clients who are unsure of buying our product now have a physical person to talk to, reducing the number of people that add a product to the cart but leave before buying.